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World Business Leaders' role in Cities



Thinking Ahead, Building Together

For the first time in our history, we are a world of cities — and this is just the beginning. By 2050, the global urban population will reach 7 billion people, double the number living in cities today.

We are only just starting to grasp the significance of this phenomenon. What is certain is that the scale and pace of global urbanization is unprecedented and its impact will be felt in all spheres of human life. This urban world comes with complex new environmental, economic and social challenges. It also represents a unique opportunity to build more sustainable, vibrant, innovative, and equitable communities, particularly in rapidly-urbanizing regions of the world.

The Summit, organized by the New Cities Foundation, aims to place the city at the heart of the global discussion. This invitation-only event is new in both content and form. It will mix high-level conversations featuring some of the most recognized global urban thought leaders and decision makers — mayors, CEOs and business leaders, academics, architects, technologists, media leaders and entrepreneurs — with innovative demos and interactive thematic workshops. Workshop topics include: mobility, the creative and connected city, the just city, water, greener buildings, infrastructure finance, and regional sessions. China, India and Latin America are a particular focus area. The Summit will also highlight the modern urban utopias and experimental cities that are a rich urban laboratory for future cities.

The theme of the Summit, Thinking Ahead, Building Together, reflects our belief that understanding and contributing to our common urban future will require audacity, analysis and, above all, partnership. The Foundation, working closely with a rich and diverse ecosystem of members and partners, would like participants at the Summit to be inspired and equipped to make positive change.

Our best chance to build a better world is to build better cities together.

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