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Infrastructure led Parramatta

PARRAMATTA will be Australia’s boomtown over the next five years with a projected $8 billion building explosion set to dramatically reshape the city’s skyline.

But urban planners warn the capital of Western Sydney will face worsening traffic chaos unless transport links to other western regions, including the potential airport at Badgerys Creek, are properly planned now.

Parramatta City Council planners have given The Daily Telegraph a glimpse of the city’s skyline of tomorrow, using updated development data. Within a decade, Parramatta’s CBD is expected to boast a dramatic skyline of towers, including Australia’s tallest residential building, the 90-storey­ Aspire tower.

 Parramatta boom

Source: DailyTelegraph

 With already 33 major projects on the drawing board, the gateway to the West could overtake Adelaide in coming years to become the nation’s fifth -biggest CBD, a former state government architect said.

An extra 838,000sq m of commercial office space — the equivalent of 140 football grounds — would be developed in Parramatta’s heart if all the planned projects get off the ground.

Parramatta Mayor John Chedid said he is encouraging architects to “be creative” and to build a skyline that is worthy of a vibrant and bustling capital city.

“We want to see creative, iconic designs — a legacy we can look back on in 25 years’ time and be proud,’’ he said.

The building boom is already taking off, with Mr Chedid revealing the council has received development applications worth $1.6 billion this financial year — more than double last year.

Council planners said they expected a similar level of activity for up to five years, equating to a possible $8 billion of construction, mainly in the CBD.

BIS Shrapnel senior manager of infrastructure Adrian Hart said Parramatta had “the greatest growth potential of anywhere in Australia over the next five years’’.