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LA Back to the Future


Los Angeles is well-known for its traffic. But soon, Angelenos will have the option to travel between downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica in approximately 46 minutes – even during rush hour. Currently under construction, the 15.2 mile Expo Line will bring light rail to the Exposition Corridor, with 19 stations serving popular destinations like USC, Exposition Park, the Mid-City Communities, the Crenshaw District, Culver City, and West Los Angeles.

Phase 1 of the line travels from Downtown Los Angeles to Culver City. Service on Phase 1 began on April 28, 2012, with service to the Culver City station later this summer. Phase 2 will extend the line out to Santa Monica and construction is scheduled to be completed by 2015. Estimated costs for the project are $930 million for Phase 1 and $1.5 billion for Phase 2. By 2030, an estimated 64,000 passengers are expected to ride the Expo Line each day – which would make it one of the most heavily used light rail lines in the country.

The Exposition Construction Authority has turned the system over to Metro for pre-revenue service, which began in late January. Pre-revenue service is intended to simulate actual service with trains running on a regular schedule, but with no customers on board. Trains will be
operating between the Expo Line terminus at 7th/Metro Center and the La Cienega/Jefferson station while work continues on the final station in Culver City. Once Metro decides that the system is safe to operate, they will determine the date for revenue service – and the line
will open to the public.

Construction at the Culver City Station is still underway. Work crews are currently working on the installation of the station stairs, landscaping for the pedestrian plaza and grading for the temporary parking lot. Other elements that remain are the civil and street improvements near the station. Construction of the Farmdale Station continues. Remaining station finish work includes the installation of Grand Pylons, map cases, lighting, ramp pavers and communications equipment. Fabrication of station elements such as signage and artwork
is also underway. Pre-revenue service train testing at the La Cienega/Jefferson Station
Installation of the pedestrian plaza stairs and elevatorat the Culver City StationConstruction