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Building Better Cities with Stronger Leadership in the US Studies Center:Future City Collaborative The Future Cities Program is an initiative of the Future Cities Collaborative at the United States Studies Centre, and is made possible due to partnerships between the New South Wales government; the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning; local and international partners; and local government leaders. The goal of the Future Cities Collaborative is to bring together policy, practice and research to inform our city leaders into inspired action to build great cities, and also The Program The Future Cities Program is based on the Mayors’ Institute Forum conducted in the United States, where like-minded leaders meet to work with leading thinkers to develop innovative solutions for re-designing precincts so they are great places to live and work, and are also adaptive to the changes in livability and sustainability demands — from renewing town centres or high streets, to re-designing community precincts and parks, or alternative transport possibilities. The range of issues cities face can be diverse and overwhelming, but based on the 2013 outcomes, the Future Cities Program is able to find commonality between all and reach collaborative solutions to shared problems. be a place for capacity building, strategic management formulation, and a forum where city leaders can share ideas and information and develop skills and knowledge in building sustainable cities. The Future Cities Program realises that informed and visionary leadership is needed to decide how, when, and where new approaches and new technologies can be used to make a real difference in improving not only the livability, but also the sustainability and productivity of our cities. The Future Cities Collaborative invites local governments in NSW to participate in the 2014 Future Cities Program which aims to provide elected leaders and city staff the opportunity to explore, discover and test innovative ways to address some of the challenges they face. Each participating city will bring to the three-day Mayors’ Forum workshop a target precinct or issue in their local area for strategic discussion and solution formulation. The program is limited to six cities within New South Wales, and will comprise metropolitan and regional locations. To optimise the outcomes of the program, at least three participants from each city or town are required to attend including: 􏰀􏰁 The Mayor or Deputy Mayor 􏰀􏰁 The CEO, Director of Planning or equivalent senior council officer 􏰀􏰁 A representative from the local business chamber or an involved business leader from the community.