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My Storm  $30-35 US

My Storm is a firsthand account of a critical sixteen months in the post-Katrina recovery process. It tells the story of Blakely’s endeavor to transform the shell of a cherished American city into a city that could not only survive but thrive. He considers the recovery effort’s successes and failures, candidly assessing the challenges at hand and the work done—admitting that he sometimes stumbled, especially in managing press relations. For Blakely, the story of the post-Katrina recovery contains lessons for all current and would-be planners and policy makers. It is, perhaps, a cautionary tale



Managing Urban Disaster Recovery: Policy, Concepts and Cases                                                            $40-45 US

 “A valuable, timely, and informative resource for communities of practice grappling with the vexing
challenges associated with disaster recovery. It helps us to re-think what we know, as well as what
we still have to learn about recovery.”
Karl Kim, PhD,
Professor of Urban & Regional Planning and
Executive Director National Disaster Preparedness
Training Center University of Hawaii


Master of Disaster

$10 US

“Ed Blakely’s mastery of disaster was shown clearly in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. His words here may help other communities as they go through similar devastation.”

C Ray Nagin, former mayor of New Orleans

 Resilient Coastal Regions


Coastal regions should take steps now to prepare for storm surges, fires, sea level rise, and other disruptions associated with global climate change and extreme weather events, according to new research by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

Resilient Coastal City Regions: Planning for Climate Change in the United States and Australia, edited by Edward J. Blakely, honorary professor at the U.S. Studies Centre, University of Sydney, and former recovery czar in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, and Armando Carbonell, senior fellow at the Lincoln Institute and chairman of the Department of Planning and Urban Form, includes nine case studies and models for adaptation response, with a focus on the impacts of changes in climate on human welfare and the integrity of ecosystems.

The focus is on coastal regions in the United States and Australia, but the aim of the volume is to suggest adaptation and mitigation initiatives applicable throughout the world. A recent story in the New York Times surveyed how some 3.7 million Americans along the coastline are threatened by sea level rise.

“We are humbly aware that this is only an initial response to a challenge with a magnitude of potential impacts never before experienced in human history, a challenge that will test our ability to work together at every scale,” said Carbonell.


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