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Join co-hosts Ed Blakely and Rebecca Lehman as they talk to national and intern  ational city planners, architects, urban designers, city managers, educators and interested professionals about imaginative and practical things we could do fix cities today. The duo inspire listeners to picture the city we have and to take action to fix the things we can. 

Tune in for an energetic discussion about how big, how dense and how to run our cities. Co-hosts Ed and Rebecca use a lively style and present a range of perspectives on cities and what they can and should be.

The show format:


40-50 minute show with commentary, interviews and discussion on making good cities, towns and neighborhoods based on local, national and international guest and information. Ed Blakely offers a seasoned, expert viewpoint on city issues. Rebecca Lehman adds spice to the dialogue with the curiousity of a young professional. The show consists of pre-recorded, studio interviews as well as on-the-street visits to interesting places.

Our broaddcast is based on six segments.

1.) Topic opener: Ed and Rebecca discuss a problem or idea


2.) Guest interview: studio or pre-recorded comments with hosts

3.) Top Ten: ideas on the topic which can be world cities renown for innovative infrastructure, programs or solutions

4.) Try this at home (in your city): practical steps to get started making your city more liveable co-host colour commentary

5.) Response: poll results or response from the discussion forum http://www.linkedin.com/groups/BlakelyCity-Talk-3674231?mostPopular=&gid=3674231 


6.) Closing: dialogue and debate on how to make cities better places to live


Try this at home (and work!):

We’re passionate about good outcomes. We want to live in friendly, healthy, positive, vibrant and interesting places. We like working with other enthusiastic practitioners on delivering the spaces and places we stroll, ride, linger and converse! Do you have a good contact for us to interview? Or perhaps a famous quote for us to inspire others? Or a great tip to share with the team?

Contact us!