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At the 2012 Rafik Harri Awards UN Habitat

My Storm: Managing Recovery in the wake of Katrina (U Penn Press);

Separate Socities with Bill Glodsmith (Temple University Press)

Reilient Coastal City Regions: Planning for Climate Change in the United States and Australia with Armando Carbonell (Lincoln Institutue Press)

Managing Urban Disaster Recovery:Policy, Planning, Concepts and Cases editor with Birch etal (Crisis Response Press)


Richad HU and I won a Planning Institute of Australia award for our Sea Change Economics research on the impact of new retirees in small coastal communities in Australia

Spent 1 week at the University of Buffalo as the Clarkson Chair. Buffalo is a hidden gem of a city and the faculty at Buffalo&Clarkson the best.


 Mel King Boston/MIT Activist

In the News

News opportunities were fruiftul  with major pieces in the Atlantic Monthly, Canberra Times, Australian, Bloomberg, Australian Financial Review, Washington Post and several on line periodicals covering disasters and urban planing issues globally in places ranging from China, Phillippines, Russia, New Zealand and England. My regular column appears in the Crisis Management Quaterly 


Radio and TV

My weekly radio show “Voices from America”  focusing on current US Politics and Economics is based on material and guest at the US Studies Centre airs every Friday  at 10 AM on Sydney radio 2 Ser 107.3FM 

 TV appearances continue on ABC Public TV and several appearaces on Aus National TV as well as Bloomberg international and Asia CNBC and post Sandy US TV 



Hurricane Sandy

I will continue to work on several international projects this year with an appointment to the regional work group on Sandy with New York Regional Plan.

I have been asked to lead advisory efforts or speaking and consulting in Colorado; Saudi Arabia, Russia and China. One of my biggest thrills this year was visiting Kula Khans Palace in Inner Mongolia.

  I will celebrate my 75th birthday on Sydney Harbour on May 26, 2013. Please come celebrate on Sydney Harbour                                                                         rsvp blakely75Sydney@aol.com